What’s in DHM’s New UI?

DHM has revamped the UI. The new UI includes the four core sections that could affect miner’s revenue.

Bitcoin Price: We see from the chart that the Bitcoin rally continues as uncertainty surrounding the stock and debt bubble remain high. News broke out on Mar. 23rd that Turkish Lira plunged after the head of the Turkish central bank was fired by Erdogan, which resulted in Bitcoin pricing at $100K in that region. This event serves as a reminder that currencies are fragile to national/international politics, and Bitcoin is an asset beyond the border and geopolitical conflicts. Its function as the safe haven shows up at times like this.

Bitcoin Mining Revenue: the miners’ revenue has broken record high in January this year, and again in February.

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Bitcoin Miners Made Record-High Revenue in January 2021

Bitcoin Miners Made Record-High Revenue in January 2021

Bitcoin Hashrate: the increasing hashrate suggests that there are more machines getting into Bitcoin mining, and the network difficulty is increasing. This mechanism auto regulates supply and demand.

Bitcoin Flow: in the 30-day asset flow, we can see where the new Bitcoins are generated, from the miner’s rewards, and flow to the exchange or wallet. It shows the dynamic visually of how much Bitcoin is in circulation, from who, as opposed to how much is in the wallet.

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