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Let’s start off with an introduction of yourself and your team that are involved in this project.


● I’m Tom, this is JX, and together we are a team of 7 at However, because of the nature of our project, the team is actually larger indirectly…

To maximize the profits of DHM’s holders, Dhash is to merge DHM into a hashrate token defi project based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC),

The team at is rooted in the BSC ecosystem and well established in the community. They reached out to DHM in hopes of…

DHM has revamped the UI. The new UI includes the four core sections that could affect miner’s revenue.

Bitcoin Price: We see from the chart that the Bitcoin rally continues as uncertainty surrounding the stock and debt bubble remain high. News broke out on Mar. 23rd that Turkish Lira plunged…

According to, last month, Bitcoin miners made the record high, $1.09 billion in revenue, surpassed the revenue made in December 2017.

In January 2018, Bitcoin miners’ revenue was $1.02 billion. The January revenue this year for Bitcoin miners also surpassed the 2018 number.

The second-highest monthly revenue for bitcoin miners was recorded in December 2017 with over $1.25 billion at the peak of the last market bull run.

According to the Block, $997 million out of the $1.09 billion revenue from last January were from the Bitcoin block rewards. As Bitcoin price jumped above $30,000, the block rewards value increased drastically.

There is a supply shortage of the newest mining equipment, as a result, the mining difficulty growth has been static.

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Elon Musk’s advocacy on Bitcoin officially started a month ago, from twitter and Clubhouse.

After changing his Twitter bio to #Bitcoin and tweeted that, “in a retrospect, it was inevitable.” Bitcoin surged by 15%.

Musk’s advocacy on Bitocin unfolds quickly into a clubhouse session.

Musk said on a Sunday night last month during the Clubhouse session with Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev, “I think bitcoin…

What is DHM?

DHM is one of the few available accesses into Bitcoin mining in a market where the mining machines and managed mining spots are sold out.

It is the most economical one for the buyers, among the few Bitcoin hashrate token competitors. Check the hashrate token comparative table at the bottom.

Perpetual Hashrate

D-Hash is to tokenize a total of 100 PH/S hashrate in ten rounds; each time when the rate of DHM staked reaches 50%, the next round of 100,000 tokens with 10 PH/S are refilled to the stock.

Before the first refill occurs, early stakers mining rewards quintuples from the typical…

The Wall Street Bets and hedge funds’ battle in the GME stock had investors question the market fundamentals. It is the first time the world saw small investors short squeezed out the hedge funds momentarily, which is a typical play by the wall street themselves.

Besides the price manipulations, unlimited…

graph done by Mizuho Securities

As Joe Biden signed the $40 billion Covid-relief bill, IRS is issuing the third round of stimulus checks, totaling $380 billion to over 90% of Americans that are eligible. According to the survey of Mizuho Securities, nearly $40 billion, or 10% of the checks may go to Bitcoin and stocks.

The Ethereum mining revenue reached $800 million last January and set a record high. It surpassed the record set three years ago.

As reported by Wolfie Zhao at the Block, the transaction fees, or the gas fees on the network contributes to over $311 million of Ethereum’s January mining revenue.


DHM is the first standardized perpetual hasrate, tradable with exchange-level liquidity. Stake DHM and mine bitcoin now on

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